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Waterloo Ready to Write Support for First Year Undergrads

Are you working on writing assignments and presentations? Are you wondering about your professors' expectations and how you can best meet them? Check out Waterloo Ready to Write, designed for first-year undergraduates like you!  We’ve got workshops, learning resources, and individualized support to help you tackle papers, reports, presentations, and other assignments. Click on each category below to learn more. 

Welcome to Waterloo Ready to Write!

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Types of support available


These open-access, self-paced asynchronous workshops are designed to help first-year undergraduates like you navigate the transition to writing at the university level. We’ll discuss some common challenges and break down key differences between writing in high school and university.  

For additional self-paced asynchronous WCC workshops, register on our LEARN site using these easy steps:

  1. Log into the LEARN website using your UWaterloo credentials 

  1. Click on Self-Registration in the menu at the top of the LEARN homepage 

  1. Scroll down to WCC Workshops and click on the link 

  1. Follow the registration instructions  

Once you’ve registered, you can access workshops on topics like: 

  • Your Ideal Writing Process  
  • Getting and Giving Feedback  
  • Writing to Learn  
  • Group Communication  
  • From Topic to Thesis  
  • Organizing Your Writing  
  • And many more! 

Explore our workshops information page for more details about our workshops! 


Working on a lab report, case study report, literature review, or reflective essay? WriteOnline.ca is a free online guide that takes you through these assignments from start to finish.

Online Resources

Online Resources

Our resources cover a range of topics related to writing and communication. They’re short and easy to use, so give them a look as you write and revise your assignments. 

These resources can help you get started with writing and communication in your first year: 

For a full list, check out our WCC Resources page. 

One-to-one appointments

One-to-one appointments

Feeling stuck? We can help with brainstorming, planning, writing, and revision. We can help if you’ve got a full draft of an assignment, don’t even know where to start, and anything in between. Our advisors and peer tutors are experts in supporting you with assignments in any faculty. 

Make an appointment with an advisor or peer tutor today!