Welcome Computing Reps!

This website is for Computing Representatives working in the University of Waterloo's academic support departments.

Academic Support Computer Rep (ASCR) meetings

Meetings provide a great opportunity to meet with other representatives from around campus and to learn about computing changes and issues affecting the computing environment in your area.

Our role

Academic support department computers are managed by the Information Systems and Technology (IST) department. Academic Support Computing Representatives (ASCR's) are the first point of contact for staff in their department who may be experiencing computer problems. IST Account Representatives are assigned to all academic support departments. They are your main point of contact for assistance, questions and concerns related to staff computer use.

Please contact your IST Account Rep if your responsibility as a Computing Representative (or backup representative) changes.

Next general meeting

Tuesday March 19
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Teams meeting

Meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes & presentations for our Teams meetings are in the Files tab of the AS Computer Reps MS Team.