Information Systems & Technology (IST) Account Representatives key


Table of representatives

Department IST Account Representative Department Representative Backup Department Representative
AccessAbility Services (AAS) Keith Peck Sarah Turner N/A
Associate Provost, Integrated Planning and Budgeting Emily Goodwin Bev Seibel N/A
Associate Vice-President Academic Emily Goodwin Ruth Huard N/A
Athletics & Recreation Susan Beaupre Jane Arnem N/A
Campus Wellness Susan Beaupre Lance Chase Violet Cozzarin
Canadian Water Network Heather Wey Lyle Schneider N/A
Co-operative Education Rusmir Salihspahic Kenley Liu  
Central Stores Riley Butler Carmen Jaray Joel Norris
Centre for Bioengineering & Biotechnology (CBB) Heather Wey Aiju Chau N/A
Centre for Teaching Excellence Jamie Shigeishi Maris Weiss Mark Morton
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 793 Susan Beaupre   N/A N/A
Centre for Extended Learning Rusmir Salihspahic Michele Sguigna Ishan Abeywardena /
Conflict Management & Human Rights Office Heather Wey Lynn Long  
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Office Heather Wey Madisson McKellar  
Faculty Association Glenn Anderson Matt Root Laura Mcdonald
Food Services Susan Beaupre Akshay Amin Polly Xin
Finance & Student Financial Services Heather Wey Corrine Krauss /
Jonathan Fischbach
Jeff Lappin
Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs Cassie Bechard Laurie Larochelle N/A
Graduate Students Association Susan Beaupre Christy Racho N/A
Housing Mike Huynh Mike Huynh N/A
Human Resources Rusmir Salihspahic Benjamin Miller Jim Howard
Indigenous Relations Office Heather Wey Jennifer Smerdon Robin Stadelbauer
Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) Jamie Shigeishi George Choy Shekhar Gulia
Information Systems & Technology (IST) Rusmir Salihspahic Rusmir Salihspahic Barb Yantha
Library Stephen Markan​ Adam Savage Nick Springate
Marketing and Undergrad Recruitment Tom Kelly Tom Kelly N/A
National Research Council Heather Wey Heather Wey N/A
Office of Advancement Susan Beaupre Shad Lusted Nigel Henriques
Legal and Immigration Services Emily Goodwin Terri Rau N/A
Office of Research Will Lewis Jon Cressman Christine Gillis Bilton / Christina Yee
Office of the President Emily Goodwin Lori Gamble N/A
Organizational & Human Development Rusmir Salihspahic Shawn Lotte N/A
Parking Services Rusmir Salihspahic Michael Clayton N/A
Plant Operations Emily Goodwin Chris Watson Dayna Chan
Procurement & Contract Services Susan Beaupre Terry Taylor Suhair Gilbert
Registrar's Office Tom Kelly Tom Kelly N/A
Retail Services Emily Goodwin Randy Dauphin Sean Harris
Safety Office Rusmir Salihspahic Travis Oldrieve Gillian McKenzie-Yorke
Secretariat Emily Goodwin Melissa Benjamin N/A
Senior Admin Office Emily Goodwin Ruth Huard N/A
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office Heather Wey Amanda Cook  
Special Constable Service Rusmir Salihspahic Dan Legault Lisa Ringuette
Staff Association Susan Beaupre Laura McDonald N/A
Student Life Centre Susan Beaupre Scott Pearson N/A
Student Services Centre Tom Kelly Tom Kelly N/A
Student Success Office Mike Huynh Mike Huynh N/A
Sustainability Office Emily Goodwin Mathew Thijssen N/A
United Way Susan Beaupre N/A N/A
University Relations, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications, Creative Services, Digital Communications Emily Goodwin Bonnie Findlay Jeannie Watt
Velocity Mike Huynh N/A N/A
Vice-President Academic & Provost Emily Goodwin Lucas Mason N/A
Vice-President Administration and Finance Emily Goodwin Erin Gillespie  
Visitors Centre Tom Kelly N/A N/A
WatCard Emily Goodwin Lauri MacLeod Tim Price
Water Institute Tom Kelly Julie Grant N/A
Waterloo International Rusmir Salihspahic Yvonne Gostel N/A
Waterloo Professional Development Program (WATPD)/ WIL Programs Rusmir Salihspahic Kenley Liu  
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) Heather Wey Sana Sadiq N/A
WatSPEED Rusmir Salihspahic Sid Sunder Dean Perkins
Writing Centre Mike Huynh N/A N/A