This is a list of equipment currently available at A.I.R. Lab. 
If you are interested in utilizing any of them, please contact us.

Sawyer collaborative robot arm


The Sawyer collaborative robot arm is commercialized by Rethink Robotics (HAHN Group).
It has 7 degrees of freedom (DoF) and is meant to collaborate in close proximity and direct contact with people. it is torque controlled and has joint torque sensors in each joint. It is also equipped with a screen and interactive buttons that can be programmed. 
It is mainly used to carry out research on control of robots and physical interactions between humans and robots.

Available units: 2 (one temporary). Currently no gripper is available.

Maple social robot (Robotis Engineering Kit 1)


Maple is a robot from the Robotis Engineering Kit 1 (originally names Dr. R).
It is a small desk-top humanoid robot that has a torso and two arms. Its head is a smartphone that can run applications to control the robot.
This robot is mainly meant for social interactions, for examples with young children.

Available units: 1.

Shimmer GSR+ and EMG sensor

  • The Shimmer GSR+ sensor is a Galvanic Skin Resistance sensor that allows measuring the galvanic skin resistance and conductance, as well as photoplethysmography (PPG - blood pressure) via an optical sensor. It is mainly used to measure human emotional and mental states during interactions with robots. Vailable units: 1.
  • The EMG (electromyography) sensors allow to measure muscle activation via electrodes applied directly on the skin. It can be used to determine muscle activation levels during interactions with robots, as well as to perform remote operations via muscle signals. Available units: 2.

Robots @RoboHub

Students, researchers, and collaborators of the A.I.R.Lab also have access to the various robots of the RoboHub facility located in Engineering 7. The robots include humanoid robots, collaborative robots arms, wheeled mobile robots, aerial robots. For a full list, please see the wepage.