Yue Hu - Assistant Professor (Lab Director)

Yue Hu

519-888-4567 x40709

Location:E7 3416

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Ibrahim Abdulhafiz - PhD student

Robot with a heart

Ibrahim is a part-time PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, performing research on physical interactions with humanoid robots.

Hisham Khalil - PhD student

Hisham Khalil

Hisham is a PhD student in Mechatronics Engineering starting Winter 2024. Hisham obtained his BEng in Mechanical Precision Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2023. He was also a Research Student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan supervised by Prof. Gentiane Venture. His research interests include applied machine learning for human state and motion analysis, learning-based control, and physical human-robot interaction (pHRI). His goal is to develop personalized frameworks that allow collaborative robots to provide effective caregiving services to humans, especially for elder adults.

Anas Mahdi - PhD student


Anas Mahdi is a PhD student in System Design Engineering, co-supervised by Prof. Katja Mombaur at the CERC in Human-Centred Robotics and Machine Intelligence (HCRMI).

JaeEun Shin (Jen) - PhD student


JaeEun is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She is co-supervised with Prof. Leah Zhang-Kennedy and the Safe Interactions Lab. Her research interests lie in human-robot interaction, especially in privacy and cybersecurity risks in social robots. Her current research explores privacy perception in child-robot interaction and the design of safe interactions with humanoid social robots.

Nourhan Abdulazeem – MASc student

Nourhan Abdulazeem

Nourhan has focused mainly on the control of serial manipulators. It involved motion planning of robotic arms through a Brain-Computer Interface and the implementation of a controller that can handle simultaneous motion planning of dual-arm to carry out different tasks.

Currently, Nourhan is working towards developing a physical human-robot interaction controller with the help of machine learning for potential applications in various fields. Her research goal is to give robots the ability to make decisions based on human physical and mental states to induce safe physical interaction, thus advancing the reliability of the technology and improving user experience in a collaborative working area.

Geoffrey Hanks - MASc student

Geoffrey Hanks

Geoffrey Hanks is Mechanical Engineering MASc student started in Fall 2022. Geoffrey's research is on learning from demonstration applied to robot control.

Amr Hamdi - MASc

Amr Hamdi

I am a recent Mechatronics graduate from Ain Shams University in Egypt. With a passion for robotics, humanoids, and human-robot interactions, I have embarked on a new academic journey by joining the Spring 2023 semester for a Master of Applied Science (MASc) program. My specific interest lies in the field of robotics, where I am fascinated by the development of intelligent machines that can interact and cooperate with humans. I am particularly drawn to humanoid robots, which possess human-like characteristics and abilities, enabling them to perform tasks in a manner that is more relatable and compatible with human expectations. In pursuing my MASc, I am eager to delve deeper into the realm of robotics and explore advanced topics related to humanoid robots and human-robot interactions. I aim to contribute to the development of intelligent machines that can work alongside humans in a safe, efficient, and collaborative manner. By integrating my knowledge of mechatronics, robotics, and human-robot interactions, I hope to make significant contributions to this rapidly evolving field. I am co-supervised by Yue Hu from A.I.R Lab and Kerstin Dauntehaun from SIRRL are conducting research in social human-robot interactions (HRI).

Kevin Joseph - MASc Student

Kevin Joseph

Kevin Joseph is pursuing his MASc in Mechatronics Engineering starting in the Fall of 2023 under the supervision of Dr. Yue Hu. Kevin has a BESc in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. His research interests lie in robotics, machine learning and controls.

Jeffrey Lee- MASc Student

Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey is a Masters student in Mechatronics Engineering supervised by Professor Yue Hu and co-supervised by Professor Alex Wong in Systems Design Engineering. His interests are in Human-Robot Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Jeffrey will  mainly focus on research in Human-Robot Collaboration using multi-modal human estimation with computer vision and various artificial intelligence learning tools.

Victoria Yang – MASc student

Victoria Yang

Victoria started her MASc in Mechatronics Engineering in Spring 2022, co-supervised by Yue Hu (A.I.R Lab) and Kerstin Dauntehaun (SIRRL), researching in the field of social human-robot interactions (HRI), more specifically in child HRI. Her research topic is on using social robots to help immigrant children learn English, and to overcome obstacles and challanges in life that are associated with language barriers having moved to a new country.

Abhi Gupta - URA


Robot with a heart

Abhi Gupta is a 4th year Mechatronics Engineering student and an Undergraduate Research Assistant working on retrieving human motions from videos.

Elin Liu - Undergraduate Volunteer

Robot with a heart

Elin Liu is a 4th year Mechatronics Engineering student volunteer.

Elin's research is on bridging human-motion capture systems with the Robot Operating System (ROS) for human-robot interaction scenarios.

Khushi Savla - URA

Robot with a heart

Khushi Savla is a 1st year Mechatronics Engineering student, currently an Undergraduate Research Assistant working on user studies involving human-robot interaction.

Cheng Tang - Co-op

Robot with a heart

Cheng Tang is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student working part-time on a joint project with the Cheriton School of Computer Science on cybersecurity of teleoperated robots.

Shawn Yang - URA


Hello! I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. I have a deep passion for robotics, human-robot interaction, and artificial intelligence. My specific interests revolve around robotic arms, bionic prosthetics, and surgical robotics; areas in which I aspire to make meaningful contributions as I continue to expand my technical knowledge. Under the supervision of Dr. Hu, I am currently assisting with user studies involving human-robot interaction. These experiences are shaping my understanding and skills in this field, further fuelling my enthusiasm for robotics and its applications.

Iris Zhang - Co-op

Robot with a heart

Iris is a 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering student currently on co-op, working on the development of a pet robot.

Past Members

  • Winter 2022, Henning Heck (Exchange student with TUHH, Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Winter 2022, Benjamin Li (URA, ME 4B)
  • Spring 2022, Julie Pivin (Visiting from Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Spring 2022, Saawan Patel (URA, ME 2B)
  • Spring/Fall 2022, Mustafa Akbaba (Visiting intern, Middle East Technical University)
  • Spring/Fall 2022, Navanith Niranjan (URA, ME 2B)
  • Fall 2022, Kaveeshan Thurairajah (USRA, ME 4A)
  • Winter 2023, Nils Sichert (Exchange student with TUHH, Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Winter 2023, Jeffrey Lee (URA, MTE 4B)
  • Winter 2023, Steven Feng (URA, MTE 4B)
  • Winter 2023, Aswin Visva (URA, MSCI, 4B)
  • Winter, Spring 2023, Todd Tang (URA, MTE 3A)
  • Spring 2023, Rijin Muralidharan (URA, MTE 3A)
  • Spring 2023, Devyani Gorkar (Mitacs Globalink Intern)
  • Fall 2022, Winter, Fall 2023, Aimen Awan (USRA, URA, ME 2B, 3A, 3B)
  • Fall 2023, Bilal Ali (URA, MTE 2B)