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About the Arts Endowment Fund

About the AEF

The Arts Endowment Fund (AEF) was established in February 2006 following a student referendum. In the referendum, students in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo agreed to a refundable fee of $12, which would appear on their fee statements every term.

The money raised through this Voluntary Student Contribution (VSC) is pooled, and a portion is set aside to earn interest. The rest can be used immediately to fund student initiatives.

This VSC was collected for the first time in September 2006 from all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts, including those registered through St. Jerome's and Renison, but excluding students registered in the School of Accounting & Finance, which has its own fund.

The Board of Directors is the body through which Arts students control the overall direction of the AEF and how its money is spent.

There are 11 voting members of the Board of Directors. Seven are undergraduate students. The remaining four are the Dean of Arts (or designate), a staff representative, a faculty representative, and an alumni representative.

AEF mission

Since its inauguration in Fall 2006, the Arts Endowment Fund and its Board of Directors have been committed to the improvement of the Arts undergraduate experience.

If you have a great idea -- particularly one that will benefit a number of UW Arts students -- and you are in need of funding, the Arts Endowment Fund may the solution you need.

The Arts Endowment Fund is held in trust by the University of Waterloo. Granting decisions are made by the Board of Directors of the AEF.

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