Welcome Association of Health Students Undergraduate Members (AHSUM)

What is AHSUM?

AHSUM (pronounced "AWE-some") stands for the Association of Health Students Undergraduate Members. The AHSUM executive is composed of a team of elected undergraduate students that work to support all students within the Faculty of Health (formerly Applied Health Sciences, AHS)! As your student society, AHSUM coordinates several social and academic events throughout the term in addition to offering various services year-round.

Where we can be found

The AHSUM student society office can be located in the B.C. Matthews Hall (BMH) Undergraduate lounge (BMH 1035). The doors to the lounge are unlocked during AHSUM office hours; however, the lounge can be accessed after hours with a pass code that is available to all Faculty of Health students. The passcode is emailed to students at the start of each term.

Society fee

As an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Health, there is a $5 AHSUM fee that funds the events and services offered by AHSUM. If you are interested in a refund, please visit the AHSUM office within the first three weeks of the term in order to do so, or contact us by email.