Prospective mentors

Through the BTI Internship Program, we aim to match established researchers with highly skilled biostatisticians in training to advance a research program and enhance the training experience of exceptional graduate students. We welcome proposals from researchers working in cancer for the creation of internship positions. Proposals are strongly encouraged by prospective mentors who are either statisticians or biostatisticians.  In cases where prospective mentors are not statisticians or biostatisticians, then evidence of ability to provide adequate biostatistical mentorship is required. 

Internships are fully funded by the BTI through a grant from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. A total of $26,000 is available for each eight-month placement to be held from May to December each year.

Proposals will be reviewed in a two-stage process.  Interested researchers are encouraged to submit a proposal on the BTI website by November 25, 2019. Proposals will then be reviewed by the BTI Internship Steering Committee with successful proposals posted by November 29, 2019.

Applications from potential student interns will be submitted online by January 6, 2020. The BTI Internship Steering Committee, in consultation with the proposed supervisors, will review the applications with a view to creating a short list of candidates for interviews by January 10, 2020. Interviews are expected to be held before January 24, 2020, with final assignments to be made by January 31, 2020, for interns starting on May 1, 2020.

** Please note that the 2020 application process is closed. **

** As of 2020, we do not accept mentor research proposals via this website. Please visit the OICR BTI website for more information. ** 

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