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Interested in graduate studies?

Individuals interested in training in our laboratory at the graduate (MSc, PhD) or postdoctoral level are encouraged to contact Professor Giangregorio via email before applying.

There are opportunities for internal funding for graduate studies.

During their time in our laboratory, trainees acquire content expertise in bone adaptations to exercise and disuse, osteoporosis and clinical trials, and have the opportunity to engage in teaching and translation of knowledge to individuals in the community.


Volunteers in the Bones Lab get exposure to clinical research and knowledge translation and get to work alongside graduate students to see what research is like.

Knowledge translation refers to activities that move research into practice. Volunteers can learn about data collection, research ethics, and clinical trials involving human participants, medical imaging research, and knowledge translation.

Our lab accepts two to four volunteers or Kinesiology (KIN) 391 students per term. If you have an interest in volunteering, please complete the volunteer form.

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