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Former Staff

Monika Kitor, Research Assistant, 2018-2020

Nathan DeJong, Research Assistant, 2018-2019

Harriet Bigas, Project manager, 2018-2019

Shaban Khanbabaie-Shoub, Research Assistant, 2014-2016

Tingting Ren, Research Assistant, 2007-2009

Aden Seaman, Research Assistant, 2006-2008

Azadeh Faylienejad, Research Assistant, 2006-2007

Liam Epps, Research Assistant, 2004-2008

James McPherson, Research Assistant, 2004-2006

Kait Bunghardt, Research Assistant, 2007-2014

Marsha Kisilak, Research Assistant, 2000-2015

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Former Graduate Students

Steven Esau, Proposed methods for measuring and interpreting Mueller matrices in in vivo retinal polarimetry, M.Sc. 2018-2020

Yunyi Qiu, Predicting the thioflavin fluorescence of retinal amyloid deposits in association with Alzheimer's disease and differentiating amyloid protein from alpha-syn, M.Sc. 2017-2020

Peter Neathway, Morphological and Multifractal Analyses of Retinal Amyloid Deposits for Staging in Alzheimer's Disease, M.Sc. 2018-2020

Ji Ren, Physics and Astronomy, Discussion about polarimetry imaging of retinal amyloid deposits, M.Sc. 2017-2018

Heqing Huang, Physics and Astronomy, Polarization imaging of amyloid-beta in the living retina. M.Sc. 2016-2017

Mengyuan Ke, Physics and Astronomy, Optical aberrations and cone photoreceptor sampling during normal emmetropization and emmetropization to imposed defocus. M.Sc. 2015-2018

Tao Jin, Physics and Astronomy, Polarimetric and birefringence analysis of presumed amyloid-beta deposits in the retina in association with Alzheimer's disease. M.Sc. 2015-2018

Ian Andrews, Physics and Astronomy, Wavefront assessment and correction of the rat eye for two photon excitation therapies. M.Sc. 2013-2016

Zheng Shao, Physics and Astronomy, Optical changes during normal emmetropization, lens-induced myopia and its recovery in the young chick eye. M.Sc. 2013-2015

Francisco Avila, Vision Sciences/Physics and Astronomy - Universidad de Murcia, Polarizacin y microscopa multifotnica para elanlisis de estructuras oculares. Ph. D. 2012-2015

Andrew Hwang, Two photon photodynamic therapy in an animal model. M.Sc. 2010-2012

Tamara Rozina, Physics and Astronomy, Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Model Lipid Monolayers., M.Sc. 2010-2012

Christopher Cookson, Optometry and Vision Science, Retinal imaging: Acquisition, processing, and application of Mueller Matrix Confocal Scanning Laser Polarimetry. M.Sc. 2008-2013

Dafna Sussman, Optics and Vision Science, Adaptive optics for ophthalmic applications. M.Sc. 2007-2008

Azadeh Faylienejad, Optics and Vision Science, A Computational Model for Predicting Visual Acuity from Wavefront Aberration Measurements, M.Sc. 2006-2009

Mark Bird, Optics and Vision Science, A rat model of two photon photodynamic therapy. M.Sc. 2004-2006

Marsha Kisilak, Vision Science, Optical aberrations in growing eyes and in eyes with lens-induced myopia, M.Sc. 2002-2005

Jennifer Hunter, Physics/Vision Science, Image quality in ocular development and fundus imaging, Ph. D. 2001-2006

Jennifer Hunter, Physics, Optical analysis of new methods for presbyopia correction. M.Sc. 1999-2001

David Priest, Physics, The development of an average, anatomically based, young adult, grin Eye Model. M. Sc. 1996-2004

David Tompa, Systems Design Engineering, Realtime CSLO imaging, 1999-2001

Kerstin Muth, Vision Science, The Effect of Entrance Beam Diameter and Position Within the Pupil on the Image Quality of a Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope. M. Sc. 1993-1998

Patricia Piers, Physics/Vision Science, Modelling the optics of the eye. 1995-1997

Chengwu Cui, Vision Science: Aberrations on the fovea, 1992-1996

Austin Roorda, Vision Science/Physics: Reflections from the retina, (Graduated, 1996, Distinguished Achievement in Graduate Studies, nominated for NSERC Gold Medal). 1993-1996

Jason Hinek, Physics: Modelling light reflected from the photoreceptors of the eye. 1994-1995

Peiliang Zheng, Vision Science: Psychophysical assessment of the image quality of contact lenses. 1992-1995

Li Bing, Vision Science: The influence of the pupil on retinal image quality. 1992-1995

Mike Moroney, Physics: The effect of the gradient of the index of refraction of the crystalline lens on phakometric calculations. 1992-1994.

Mary Elliott, Vision Science: The contribution of the crystalline lens to residual astigmatism. 1991-1993.

Margaret Thomas, Vision Science: Correlating changes in retinal vessel diameter and electrophysiological changes in retinal function during altered perfusion pressure. 1990

Pierre Simonet, Vision Science: The transverse chromatic aberration of the human eye. 1987-1990.

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Former Undergraduate Thesis Students

Yifei Gu, Effects of different light wavelengths on polarized light interactions with retinal amyloid deposits. 2018-2019

Rui Fan, Exploring chiral signals of amyloid in solution. 2017-2018

Micheal Hamel, Retinal amyloid-beta as a function of Alzheimer's diagnosis in an animal model. 2017-2018

Julia Zangoulos, Detection of amyloid-beta using intrinsic fluorescence. 2017-2018

Rachel Redekop, Investigation of hemozoin polarization interactions in the retina of individuals with cerebral malaria, 2016-2017

Victor Wong, Exploring properties of amyloid-beta in the retina of the canine model for Alzheimer's disease. 2016-2017

Xiaoxiao Zhao, Aberration measurement and correction in the human eye. 2015-2016

Mengyuan Ke, Early development of ocular optics and cone photoreceptor arrays. 2014-2015

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Former Undergraduate Co-op Students

Hannah Rosenberg, 2020

Jonathan Chen, 2020

Sherry Kuang, 2019

Alexander Hannides Rajapakse, 2018-2019

Riley Delaney, 2017

Monika Kitor, 2016-2018

Frank Corapi, 2016-2017

Micheal Hamel, 2016-2017

David DeVries, 2016

Heather Young, 2016

Matthew Taylor, 2015-2016

Catalina Oliveros Bernal, 2015

Rachel Redekop, 2014-2017

Theadore Chow, 2014

Namrata Shah, 2014

M.J. Mahdi, 2013

Olivia Stanley, 2012

Kevin Tuck, 2012

Keith Mewis, 2008

Aabid Patel, 2008

Yakeen Mirchandani, 2007

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