Themes of research in Campbell Labs includes live optical properties of the eye, optical systems, as well as eye-imaging systems for treatment and diagnosis.

We have made a number of important contributions to high-resolution optical imaging of individual cells in the retina of the human eye. We study ocular development, eye disease, and linear and non-linear optics of the eye. We investigate the fundamental refractive properties of the eye's components to improve diagnosis and therapy for various ocular conditions.

Campbell Labs is highly multidisciplinary, involving theoretical modelling, experimental measurement, and practical applications. Our lab requires personnel with diverse expertise and various backgrounds. Our work fits within the disciplines of biophysics, bio-photonics, and Vision Science.

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Research Projects

We strive to use and develop leading edge technologies in optical systems. Our research projects are explained in more detail below:

We believe in the integration of physics and medical research in order to solve biological and physical problems.

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