Central Stores Business Operations - Re: COVID-19

June 15, 2022

Operational hours: Monday to Friday,  7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Closed: Friday July 1, Monday August 1, Monday September 5, Monday October 10

All Receiving (x42262), Shipping (x46621), Bookings (x42207), Mail Delivery/Pickup (x49162), Letter Shop (x42034), Canada Post Outgoing Mail Processing (x43124), Moving & Storage (x46305), Gas Cylinder Processing (x49394), Used Product Handling (x42821), Office Paper Recycling/Shredding (x46305) and Digital Imaging services (x49393) have resumed normal operation. 

To discuss services, email Rob Mcmurren

COVID-19 safety protocols in place.


Confidential shredding

green label

To ensure that confidential paper documents are securely and completely destroyed in the most economical manner, the University has purchased an industrial capacity shredder. Confidential materials will be shredded onsite in a secure area monitored by closed-circuit television cameras. Under normal circumstances, materials will be shredded within 24 hours of pick up by Central Stores.


1. Pack all materials to be shredded in boxes and seal with tape.  Boxes must be manageable and weigh not more than 50 pounds.  No Large boxes.

**Please note the following items are currently not acceptable for confidential shredding and must be removed:**

  • large metal clips (staples and regular paper clips are OK)
  • binders
  • elastics
  • transparencies
  • plastic and metal file folders
  • duotangs
  • c.d.'s
  • string
  • packing tape
  • duct tape
  • hard-bound, glue bound or spiral bound books / booklets / magazines / pads.
  • garbage and soiled paper products
  1. Contact Carmen Jaray via email and give her your department name, building and room number, and the number of confidential shredding labels you require. Carmen will send you, bright green 4x6, labels to stick on the boxes.
  1. Once the labels have been affixed to the top of the boxes, call Central Stores (ext. 42262) to arrange pick up.
  1. Labelled Confidential Shredding boxes will be picked up by Central Stores, from the secure room designated at the time of the pick up call.
  2. At the point of shredding, Central Stores will enter the information from the label into a computer file, enabling them to tell you, if required, exactly when your boxes were shredded. Under normal circumstances, shredding will take place within 24 hours of pick up.

6. Please note to record your barcode number(s) for reference if you need to know when your boxes were shredded.

shredding consoles