Central Stores Business Operations - Monday to Friday,  7:30 am to 4:00 pm


Welcome to Central Stores - Materials Resource

Central Stores is part of the University of Waterloo - Materials Resource group which plans and executes organizational strategies with controlled activities related to the flow of materials either arriving or leaving the university.  Specifically, Central Stores provides a variety of essential, logistical and environmental services to faculty and staff at the University of Waterloo.  A list of many core services can be found on the left hand side of this page under the tab Services we offer and forms.  Please click on the service of interest, to reveal further information and other links. 
Overall Central Stores acts as the main hub for the movement of most goods (with the exception of food products) to, from and within the university community. 

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Central Stores is located in ECH (East Campus Hall)
See University of Waterloo campus map

A list of all University of Waterloo Departments with their corresponding buildings, assigned mail route number, also with delivery times and forecasted move locations, can be  seen in the following University of Waterloo mailroom route sheet (pdf)


Off Campus Mail & Courier Service outlets for students  (close to UW):

Westmount Place Pharmacy

Directions from ECH to Westmount Place Pharmacy


UPS Store