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Fax service

Fax machineWe offer incoming and outgoing Fax services Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

If you have a University Account number, you may email your fax to Carmen Jaray and we will fax it immediately. Please be sure to include your name, department, and accounting flex field number within the email.  If you do not have a University account, then you must  come here to East Campus Hall (ECH) and wait while we send your fax.  Please have cash on you for the fax service.  Faxes are now being sent electronically so we need an electronic version of your fax.  It must be in .pdf form and all pages must be in one pdf.  If you do not have an electronic copy, we can scan it here for you.

When receiving fax's, we send the received documents to you via email.  Please make sure you tell the sender to put your name, department, bldg., room number, email and phone number on the fax so we know where to send it when it comes in.

Our Fax Number is 519-884-8009.

Charges for sending facsimile messages are as follows:

$1.25 per page

$3.25 per page

We accept cash or University account number only.