Central Stores Business Plan Update Re: COVID-19

Effective: March 24, 2020

Operational hours: Monday to Friday,  7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Services provided:

  • Receiving - all vendors, couriers and inbound mail. For questions email Receiving
  • Shipping - only critical shipments*. For questions email Trevor Beatson
  • Outbound mail - as arranged.  For questions email Rob McMurren
  • Delivery - only critical supplies (primarily health/wellness and materials for active working labs).  For questions email Joel Norris

All other items received will be held at Central Stores and delivered when full operations resume.

*Central Stores Shipping will only pickup "critical" shipments on an email basis.  All shipments must have the Agile Shipping form attached, or otherwise a completed waybill and commercial invoices for outside companies paying for the return shipping.  All dry ice / dangerous good "critical" shipments will still have the regular 11:30 am cut off time.*


Personalized Mail (Formerly Addressed Admail)

We offer a variety of services in this area.

Labeling | Personalized mail preparation | Envelope stuffing | Polybagging


LabellingCentral Stores has the capability to print your addresses directly on envelopes or brochures at the rate of up to 10,000 per hour! All you need to supply us with is either a memory stick with your addresses or you can email them as a file attachment to Tony Chaves. The basic requirements that your mailing lists should adhere to are as follows:

The information should be in Excel, or Text format with delimiters at the end of each field and a different delimiter at the end of the record (PC).

  • All records must be consistent.
  • The fields must be set up in a logical order.
  • Do not split fields.
  • Do not merge city, province, and postal code fields. They must be separate fields.

Personalized mail preparation

computer screenPersonalized mail requires sorting and bundling of mail in a specific postal code order, either NDG or LCP. If your mailing consists of 1000 pieces or more, by using this method, there is a considerable savings in postage costs. We offer the service of labeling, separating, bundling, and bagging to meet postal specifications.
Please send an email to Tony Chaves or call him at ext. 32034 with           any questions you may have.

Envelope stuffing

EnvelopeNeed your envelopes stuffed? Our multi-mailing machine will fold, stuff, and seal envelopes at a rate of 5,500 envelopes per hour. It will cut, fold, and insert continuous forms, fold and insert letters, and insert up to four flyers or business reply envelopes. The maximum envelope size is 6"x10". For envelopes larger than this, (manually stuffed) please use self-seal envelopes. Email Tony Chaves for further information.


polybagging machineWe love the versatility that comes with poly bagging and poly bag mailings. Virtually any combination of companion pieces can be stacked together to form the mailing. Unlike envelopes that have been purchased to accommodate exact specifications determined during the planning stages of the job, poly bagging allows the customer to easily make changes midstream if necessary.
These poly bagged mailings can contain any number of printed items such as advertisements with free samples; magazines packaged with accompanying pieces; piggy-backed periodicals; subscription offers; computer magazines with free software; brochures; and statements. Arguably, poly bagging provides the safest, most versatile, least expensive, and most attractive means of moving printed pieces through the mail.