Mail pickup & Delivery

Delivery roomTo ensure that your mail reaches its destination, we ask that you use Name, Department, and Building Code on all packages and envelopes addressed on-campus.

For off-campus mail, please use the correct postal code. Since sorting mail by a high-speed machine is faster than by hand, getting the postal code right is crucial! Make sure it's there, make sure it's in the right place (no more than 45mm from the bottom edge of the envelope) and most importantly, make sure it's correct.

sorting racks and mail persons sortingTo further assist in handling of the mail, please pre-sort into campus, IUTS, off-campus, Canadian, USA, foreign and stamped categories. Put your IUTS and on-campus mail together in the on-campus slot in your departments. Put your off-campus and stamped mail in the off-campus slot in your departments. Please have your name and department name on all of your outgoing mail either above or below the University logo. All 9 x 12 and larger envelopes must be sealed before sending down to the mailroom.

For special pick up & delivery requests call receiving @ ext. 32262
For on-campus inquiries call Rob McMurren @ ext. 39162
For off-campus inquiries call Carmen Jaray @ ext. 33935

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