2 zebras whispering to each other about forgetting a barcodeThe University of Waterloo Shipping department located at Central Stores, East Campus Hall (ECH) requires adequate information to ship goods with minimal delay. The implementation of a web based shipping system allows registered users to fill out the necessary electronic forms for preparation to ship. Accurate and complete shipping details, entered into this system, will expedite the overall shipping process. Once the electronic forms are completed, print out the "Electronically generated Barcoded Ship Ticket", securely attach the ticket to the goods and send it to Central Stores. If you are a "registered user" you will have received a welcome email with the Agile web link and all the instructions on how to use the web based shipping system.   Please bookmark the link.

If you want to become a user of the web based shipping system please fill out the Agile shipping application form found to the right of this page under related links.

If you have questions regarding the shipping check the Agile office quick start guide also located under related links or the FAQ's.  If none of these answers your questions contact Trevor Beatson at ext. 36621

For University of Waterloo/Agile Ship web based shipping system issue resolution or advice please contact
Trevor Beatson
at ext. 36621

All perishables & dry ice shipments must be at Central Stores no later than 11:30 a.m.

To arrange the pickup of large crates, heavy equipment or skid loads, requiring transport (LTL) please call our Shipping office at ext. 36621

For pickup of all outbound courier shipments, please call ext. 36621 (Shipping).  A dispatch will be generated and Central Stores staff will pick up the goods expeditiously.

Please note, for next day courier service, have your package at Central Stores by 2:30 pm to insure the completion and expediting of the goods.  Contact Shipping at ext. 36621 for exceptions.

All USA shipments that are valued over $10,000.00 and less than $50,000.00 must have a manufacturers affidavit form (pdf) filled out.  This is for goods that have been manufactured or assembled in the USA and are being returned to the USA.  The originating company representative must sign the form.  Therefore you will need to email or fax this form to them.  Once this form is completed and returned to you, please send it with the package over to Central Stores Shipping for processing.  For further questions, please contact Trevor Beatson at ext. 36621

As of May 1, 2017 the University deductible is $5,000.00 for all outgoing courier shipments.  For questions regarding insurance please contact Jamie Mahony at ext. 33686.

Surplus sale dates

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From 12:30 - 2:00pm

We accept only Cash and WatCard for payment.