About Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education at Tatham Centre

WatCACE is now the Work-Learn Institute (WxL). Visit our new website to learn more about our one-of-a-kind research unit based on decades of future-proven experience as leaders in work-integrated learning.


The Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education (WatCACE) advances the practice of co-operative education and, more generally, work-integrated learning, by connecting research and practice.

Our work

WatCACE aims to ensure that opportunities and challenges that exist in the co-op/WIL educational model inform the co-op/WIL research agenda, which then, provides findings that can advance the model and practice. By conducting and facilitating research, engaging in thought leadership, and ensuring the dissemination of research findings to relevant stakeholders, WatCACE strengthens Waterloo's global leadership in co-operative education. 


Our work is organized within three main objectives: 

  • Conducting and facilitating research
  • Providing thought leadership on co-op and work-integrated learning within and outside the WIL community
  • Dissemination of research findings 

Where can you find us?

The core WatCACE team is located on the second floor of East Campus 1 (EC1) at the corner of Phillip and Columbia. Offices of each member can be found under Our People.