Job Interview Quandary

Prepared by D.T. Carter and M.L. MacInnis

Cuisine by Car is a charitable organization which delivers hot meals to the homes of the elderly and shut-ins. One of its full-time employees at the central office recently resigned, prompting an employee search. Two eligible candidates, Tom Timmins and Sally Kerner, were found. Both were scheduled to be interviewed for the post by the organization’s general manager, Jane Rondinelli, CA. On paper, Sally’s qualifications appear superior to Tom’s.

Tom Timmins was interviewed on Monday morning and was judged to be competent and suitable for the duties involved. That afternoon, Sally called the office to tell Jane that a family emergency had just occurred that would force her to leave the province for an undetermined length of time, but that she would still be interested in the job upon her return.

What should the charity do?

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