Shopping Confusion

Prepared by D.T. Carter and A. Moyle

Women’s Rights & Legal Services (WRLS) is a not-for-profit organization that supports women who are in conflict with the law. Amelia Jones has been employed as the director of WRLS for several years. She played an influential role in the metamorphosis of the image of the organization from that of a passive group of commendable, well-intentioned individuals concerned with the salvation of female criminals, into an outspoken ambassador for prison reform and rights for female offenders. As a direct result of Jones’ effort and commitment, WRLS was voted Charitable Agency of the Year.’

Jones took responsibility for the society’s counselling program for shoplifters. At the same time, Jones was combining her personal household shopping with the purchase of items for the society. The society paid for these personal purchases and was never reimbursed. She simultaneously engaged in the purchasing of articles for the society on her personal account in order to balance these purchases. Concurrently, Jones suffered a number of personal problems leading to depression which resulted in her inability to function properly. She continued to devote time to the society but began to work temporarily from home.

Early this year, a new member, Charlie Simpson, was appointed Treasurer of the Board of Directors of WRLS. In this capacity, Simpson reviewed the financial records of the society and, in his review, identified the above transactions carried out by Jones.

What should be done?

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The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Alexandra Moyle and Matthew MacInnis, as well as Nabil Elias, PhD, University of Manitoba, in the development of these cases.