Time Share?

Prepared by B. Foster and D.T. Carter

The United Foundation is a charitable organization working in many cities across Canada. The Clareville branch employs Bob Jones, a diligent and conscientious worker, three days a week to perform fund-raising. When the Rothfield chapter’s fund-raiser recently left for maternity leave, the Clareville chapter recommended Bob, knowing he was looking for full-time work. Bob now works for Rothfield for two days a week, as well as the three days he works at Clareville.

When Bob began working in Rothfield, he realized that there was more than two days of work per week to be done. Because he had things under control in Clareville, he altered his work hours to half a week at each location. Maureen McCann, a CA and the Clareville chapter’s Director of Finance, has become aware that Bob is only working two and a half days for Clareville but is being paid for three.

What should Ms. McCann do?

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