Should a fitness tracker look like a ring?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
by Cameron Shelley

For our first posting of 2017, consider a new fitness tracking device in the form of a finger ring.  The Motiv Ring tracks sleep patterns, heart rate, steps and other activities, all while looking chic.  It will officially debut at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and is priced at $199 (USD).

The Ring contains some technological innovations, including optical heart rate tracking and impressive miniaturization. 

However, its appeal is due in no small part (excuse the pun) to its style, that is, its ability to pass as a personal adornment.  After all, some earlier fitness trackers, in the form of arm or ankle bracelets, can make users appear to be under house arrest—not cool!

While the smallness and visual simplicity of the Ring are appealing, is it dishonest?  It could be argued that making the Ring appear like a piece of jewelry is to dodge the problem of what devices in this category should look like. 

Of course, since fitness trackers are a new category, the matter of their appropriate appearance is not clear.  What should a fitness tracker look like, if not disguised as bling?

Did the designers make the right choice in this matter?

Btw, I do not think any of these people actually need a fitness tracker!  Either they are there to emphasize the sex appeal of the Motiv Ring or they are insanely insecure.