Previous STV 400 papers

In order to complete the Society, Technology and Values (STV) option, students must complete STV 400, an independent research course which normally requires students to submit a research essay. The list below contains the name, academic plan, title, and year of past projects. This is not a complete list but a select one intended to provide a glimpse of what has been done and to demonstrate the diversity of STV students.

Table of papers written by STV option students
Student Academic plan Title of STV 400 paper


Alexandra Mackenzie Landy Systems Design Engineering An Epidemic of Facts and Fear: the polio infodemic and its connection to COVID-19 2023
Dayton Salmon Mechatronics Engineering Getting Sitting Straight 2021
Ana Patricia Balbon Science The Policy Network of Gain-of-function
Research Regulation
Maranda Mackay Chemical Engineering The Social Shaping of the Keystone XL Pipeline 2017
Tom Price Knowledge Integration Regional factors affecting entrepreneurship 2016
Sean Howard Psychology Future children in future classrooms: Effects of computers in the modern classroom 2012
Billy Sheiban International Development Factors for the Implementation of Environmental Management Systems 2011
Lindsay Wolfson International Development The Mobile Revolution: An Analysis of the Uses of Mobile Phones in International Development 2011
Jae-Hyun Park Planning Social Network Sites: How Niche Social Network Sites Dominate 2011
Jan Gorzny Computer Science and Combinatorics and Optimization Privacy and Cloud Computing 2011
Tareq Ismael Computer Science How a Digital, Mobile Qur’an Will Change Muslim Practices 2010
Corey Wood Applied Health Sciences The Electric Car: Progress or Progress Trap 2009
L. Jennifer Chow Accounting and Financial Management Green is more than just the colour of that shirt. 2007
Arturo Guédez Computer Science Virtual Dance for the Cultural Heart: The Interactive Software-Animated Instructional Dancing (ISAID) Tool 2006
B.P. Bergsma Mechanical Engineering The Increase in and Treatment of Ethical Conflicts in the Engineering Workplace 2006
Ada Chan Planning “Smart” Growth Ontario 2003
Vienna Lee Planning Housing the Homeless 2003
Avi Caplan Independent Studies Perspectives on
Valerie MacDonald Honours Science The Euthanasia Debate 2002
Rhoda Lee Kinesiology Applying People-Product Relationships to Ergonomic Design 2002
Gordon Turner Civil Engineering Wearable Computing: Its development and social impacts 2001
Alia Lachana Political Science Community: Explorations in nearness and closeness 2000
Kevin J. Leskiw Civil Engineering Advanced Buildings:
Design and Use
Diane Cameron Systems Design Engineering Information Technology and International Development 1999
Dean Chalmers Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Bicycle Safety: Issues, Philosophies and Solutions 1997
Susan Wright Arts “We aren’t all a bunch of cowboys out here”: Technology Comes to the Sheet Metal Department at Allen-Bradley 1997
Stephanie Lane Chemical Engineering Proactive Public Communications: An Engineering Perspective 1997
Shamsha Merali Systems Design Engineering Social Impact of Computer and Telecommunications Technologies 1996
Matthew Lee Brett Systems Design Engineering Remote Control Unit Design for Society 1996
Rodrik Cave Management Sciences STV 400 Project: untitled 1995
Thomas Birchall Psychology The New Work Environment and a Theory of Dynamics 1995
Sheri Ferko Systems Design Engineering Computers and Distance Education 1995
Andrew Blau Systems Design Engineering Examination of the Social Impact of Widespread Electronic Communication 1994
Stuart Carmichael Systems Design Engineering The Role of Social Power in the Impact of Technology on Business Change 1994
James P. Roy Chemistry “Scientific Journalism”: The Development and Self-Assessment of a Senior STV
William Lockwood Systems Design Engineering Music and Technology 1993
Wayne Stewart Hessman Environment & Resource Studies Local Self-Reliance: Obstacles and Opportunities 1992
Todd Ruthman Systems Design Engineering Inherently Safer Design: A new approach to an old problem 1992
Angela Coulas Urban & Regional Planning Implications of Snowmobile Technology on Inuit Culture 1992
Karen Banna Arts The Interaction of Society and Technology 1992
Calvin Lantz Philosophy The Medieval Village and the Normative Narration of History 1991
Suneel Gupta Electrical Engineering Development and the Hill People of the Uttarakhand, India 1991
Rick Notman Psychology Groups: A Technology for Aiding Victims of Child Abuse 1989
Andrea Zypchen Engineering Teaching Materials for The Role of the Engineer in Society 1989
Durrell Scott Bowman Music The Structure of Musical Revolutions 1989
Andrew H. Kyle Chemical Engineering Applying Environmental Ethics in Chemical Engineering 1989
Ron Heise Environment & Resource Studies An Assessment of the Techniques Used for the Alleviation of Infertility 1989
Scott Bridgman Economics The Technology, Society and Values Relationship as Explored through the Institution of Work 1988
Lori Hanson Environment & Resource Studies The Content and Organization of Childbirth: A Comparative Cross-Cultural Analysis of Childbirth in Relation to Society, Technology and Values 1988
Mark Anderson Systems Design
Duplication Technologies and Values 1988