Welcome to Centre for Society, Technology and Values

Welcome to Centre for Society, Technology and Values

The Centre for Society, Technology and Values (CSTV) is a uniquely UWaterloo interdisciplinary centre that sets out to explain and examine social aspects of technology and technological change.

CSTV was established in 1984 as an interdisciplinary teaching and research unit. Since 1991, it has been connected with the Department of Systems Design Engineering.

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The students we support in our Social Innovators in Training program are building prototypes and are starting down the path of putting together their pitches for the social impact fund. 

This Wednesday, we are hosting Demo Day in our GreenHouse space and it is open to all members of the community. Students will be showcasing their prototypes and would welcome members of the community to join them as they continue to test and iterate on their ideas.

 All are welcome and you may drop-in as your schedule permits.

  • GreenHouse Demo Day - March 6 | 5:00-6:30pm @United College (GreenHouse space) - drop-in any time between 5:00-6:30pm

Faculty in Systems Design Engineering can now apply for the CSTV AI and Ethics Coop Research Grant. This grant is designed for faculty to hire a UW coop student to conduct research relating broadly to Artificial Intelligence and Ethics.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

STV 202: Design and Society

The focus of the course is on good design, particularly where design relates to society and social issues. Good design reflects not only technical achievement but also responsiveness to social context and values. Topics include the nature of design, the social and cultural implications of design, the roles of designers in relation to the social contract, and design assessment in light of social values such as risk, fairness, progress, and sustainability. Although the focus of the course is on the design of technology, any designed system is open for examination and discussion. The course material provides a mixture of theoretical concepts and practical cases of their application.

Instructor: Cameron Shelley