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The Centre for Society, Technology and Values (CSTV) explores relationships among modern technology, culture and human values, and the structure of society.  

CSTV was established in 1984 as an interdisciplinary teaching and research unit. Since 1991, it has been connected with the Department of Systems Design Engineering.

CSTV is one of the University of Waterloo’s interdisciplinary programs and is a member of the Science and Technology in Society Teaching Group.

  1. Oct. 28, 2019Collection for Toasty Toes 2019
    Scott Campbell and Cameron Shelley with their sock collection

    CSTV has collected 64 pairs of socks for #ToastyToes2019! Director Scott Campbell (left) and Cameron Shelley (right) show off their feat!

    Photo by Wendy Stocker.

  2. Jan. 7, 2019Winter 2019: Ancient Greek Science (Phil 271)

    PHIL 271: Special Topics: Ancient Greek Science

    Course description:

    The ancient Greeks developed scientific theories that were influential for over a thousand years. Their worldview was different from ours, but they sought to explain some of the same phenomena that we grapple with today.  In this course, we’ll study ancient Greek theories and

  3. July 27, 2018This fall: History 216—A long history of the Internet
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TA opportunity

We are looking for TAs for a new course, STV 208: Artificial Intelligence & Society.

These concerns include historical determinism, automation, surveillance, regulation, equity, fairness, and robo-ethics.  An overview will be provided on these issues as they arise in areas such as commerce, education, finance, journalism, law, literature, healthcare, transportation, warfare, and work.  
This course is a non-technical one—no background in AI is assumed or required.

If you are interested and qualified, please contact Wendy Stocker before the end of Wednesday, Dec. 8.  Thanks!