Science and Technology in Society

Undergraduate Course offerings: Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017

Centre for Society, Technology and Values

STV 100: Society, Technology and Values: An introduction

Fall 2016 and Winter 2017, Scott Campbell

STV 202: Design and Society

Fall 2016 and Winter 2017, Cameron Shelley

STV 203: Biotechnology and Society

Fall 2016, Cameron Shelley

STV 302: Information Technology and Society

Winter 2017, Scott Campbell


Engl 210J: Technical Editing

Spring 2016, Ashley Rose Kelly


Hist 303: Digital History

Winter 2017: Ian Milligan

Knowledge Integration

Integ 220: The Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Fall 2016, Katie Plaisance

Integ 221: The Social Nature of Knowledge

Winter 2017, Katie Plaisance

Peace and Conflict Studies

Pacs 301: Special Topics: Engineering and Peace

Spring 2016, Paul Heidebrecht


Phil 205: Philosophy of Economics

Winter 2017, Patricia Marino

Phil 258/SCI 267: Intro Philosophy of Science

Fall 2016, Doreen Fraser

Phil 271: Special Topics: Quantum Mechanics for Everyong

Winter 2017, Doreen Fraser

​Phil 271: Special Topics: Science and Society

Fall 2016, Heather Douglas

Phil 356/COGSCI 300: Intelligence in Machines, Humans, and Other Animals

Winter 2017, Paul Thagard

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