Summer 2017 CPATT Newsletter

Friday, September 15, 2017

Welcome to our Summer 2017 addition of CPATT News!

It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce, Professor Hassan Baaj has been elected the new CPATT Director, effective immediately. The decision was concluded at our yearly Board of Advisors meeting on September 7, 2017. Due to Professor Susan Tighe's new position as the Deputy Provost and Associate Vice- President, Integrated Planning and Budgeting, at the University of Waterloo, she will be stepping down as Director of CPATT. Herself, and the CPATT Board members are confident that Professor Baaj will be a great leader, and will continue to do novel and innovative research with CPATT. Congratulations, Professor Baaj.

In this newsletter, we highlight some of the various projects underway at the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT). This includes: high performance asphalt mixture applied in airport pavement, moisture susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt, quantifying the environmental impacts of pavement maintenance activities, the Imperial Oil Research Program, research collaborations between the University of Waterloo and China, and a spotlight on the Fulbright program with Dr. John Daly.

We also highlight some events from the past few months, which includes a seminar by Dr. Felipe A. Halles, Dr. Chris Bachmann’s award winning paper on “Modelling the Impacts of Free Trade Agreements on Domestic Transportation Gateways, Corridors, and Ports”, and a spotlight on graduate student achievements.

The five year plan for 2016-2020, will focus on continuing to develop and expand on external collaboration, and to focus on internal collaborations amongst faculty members in CPATT.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

Summer 2017 CPATT Newsletter