Current research projects

Research Project Period
Performance Evaluation of Coloured Asphalt Pavements and Surface Treatments in BRT Lanes in York Region 2014-2016
Effect of Warm Mix Additives on Tensile Strength of Compacted Asphalt Mix 2014-2016
Improvement Strategies for Upstream Heavy Oil Mining Roadways 2014-2017
Evaluation of Reclaimed Concrete Material as Aggregate for OPSS Granular B Type II 2015-2016
Effect of Extraction and Recovery Method and Solvent Type on Properties of Recovered Binder 2015-2016
Optimization of the Use of Recycled Glass-base Artificial Lightweight Aggregates in the Pavement Structure 2015-2016
Effect of Oxidation Products of Iron Sulphide Minerals in Aggregate on the Chemical/Rheological Properties of Asphalt Cement 2015-2017
Development of High Modulus Asphalt Mix Design Technology for Use on Ontario's Highways 2015-2017
Performance Evaluation of Pre-cast Concrete Panels over Asphalt 2015-2017
U-Fill Utilization of Recycled Materials 2014-2016
Sustainable Long Life Pavements 2010-2016

Fu​nding sources   

  • City of Toronto
  • Cement Association of Canada (CAC)
  • Foamyna Canada
  • Imperial Oil
  • McAsphalt Industries Limited
  • Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
  • York Region