IC3 partners with Hot Planet Cool Athletes to launch climate change education platform

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Hot Planet Cool Athletes collaborates with world class athletes to provide a free climate change education platform for students and teachers across Canada. 

Developed in partnership with leading climate researchers and educators at the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, this revolutionary platform features a variety of ready-made, virtual education tools for high school students and educators nationwide.

“POW Canada's Hot Planet Cool Athletes presentation was informative and engaging. It got our students excited about environmental and climate action, and keen to volunteer on local projects.”

-Naia West, Conservation Program Coordinator, Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy

The three components of the platform include:

  1. Video Presentation

Developed for high school students, olympic gold medallist Kelse Serwa and legendary freeskier, film producer and climate activist Mike Douglas deliver a clear, comprehensive overview of climate science, including its causes and effects, along with actionable solutions that every student can participate in this engaging 28-minute video. Accompanying discussion questions provide the perfect opportunity for educators to delve deeper into the subject matter. To make this video even more impactful, instructors can book a professional athlete ambassador for a personalized introduction and Q & A session via Zoom. To gain access to the video please visit www.hotplanetcoolathletes.ca.

  1. Canadian Climate Educators Portal

This first-of-its-kind portal provides access to a carefully curated bank of climate education resources including grade-targeted exercises, tools and information to engage students in a broad range of educational activities. Developed in partnership with Canadian high school teachers and the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, the portal supports educators across grades 2-12 in meeting the requirements of newly-revised provincial curriculums on climate change.

  1. Student Climate Challenges

These fun, diverse, effective and empowering Climate Challenges encourage students to take action and become climate advocates within their own classrooms and communities. Whether assigned by a teacher or taken on independently, the challenges will provide students with a variety of ways to take climate action. Each challenge has been supported by outdoor industry partners to provide incentives for completing them.

Challenge 1: GET POLITICAL is an individual challenge focussed on taking political action such as contacting your local government representative

Challenge 2: GET CREATIVE is an individual challenge focused on getting students to find creative ways to communicate about climate change.

Challenge 3: Get SUSTAINABLE is a class challenge providing a series of actions focused on reducing our impact on the environment and building more sustainable communities.

Challenge 4: GET CRAZY is an individual or group challenge focussed on finding innovative solutions to climate change.

“We know youth will be the driving force behind the innovation and social transformation needed to accelerate Canada’s response to climate change.  Investing in the creation of an engaging virtual presentation, a new dynamic website and a first-of-its-kind Climate Educator's Portal are important tools for equipping students and teachers with the resources to educate and inspire the next wave of climate champions.”

-Dave Erb, Executive Director, Hot Planet Cool Athletes

For more information about Hot Planet Cool Athletes and the education platform visit www.hotplanetcoolathletes.ca.


Izzy Lynch
Program Director, Hot Planet Cool Athletes
250 814 7377

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