Educational programs

The University of Waterloo is home to a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that include climate change education and training. The Waterloo Climate Institute builds on this foundation by providing unique programs that expose students to interdisciplinary, international, and innovative experiential learning opportunities. Our goal is to support the development of future climate change leaders regardless of whether their chosen career path is in research, policy, practice or the private sector.

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Climate leadership and experiential learning

Our student programs provide unique learning, networking, professional development, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These opportunities build critical skills in transdisciplinary collaboration and solutions-oriented thinking, expose students to new perspectives and ideas, and help to shape climate leaders.

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Programs at Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is leading the way in training the first generation of climate change professionals. Waterloo offers two nationally unique graduate programs that equip students and early-career professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to manage, minimize and mitigate climate change and extreme weather impacts. There are also many other undergraduate and graduate programs that include climate change, environment and sustainability across all six Waterloo faculties.

Student communities

There are a number of Waterloo student groups and clubs that focus on climate change and sustainability. Check out Climate Students, the student division of the institute, or talk to one of the clubs or groups highlighted by WUSA and the Sustainability Office.

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Resources for educators

Embedding climate change and environmental education in elementary and secondary curriculum is an incredibly important part of ensuring our society can support the transition to a low-carbon resilient future. Contact us directly to discuss how our experts can support youth climate change education.

Check out our Climate Change simulation game, Illuminate, used in classrooms across Canada to highlight the many policy and technology solutions needed to tackle this global crisis. You can also find more resources at the Climate Educator’s Portal, presented by our partners Protect our Winters (POW) Canada and Hot Planets Cool Athletes (HPCA)