Students walking by SLC patioThere's a student group for you!

Students are actively engaged in UWaterloo’s sustainability efforts through advocacy, awareness-building, service offerings, and cutting-edge research. If you are interested in getting involved, talk to one of the groups below (in alphabetical order).

Bike Centre: Run by the Federation of Students, the Bike Centre offers a variety of services and volunteers to help you fix and maintain your bike. Their bike rental program also offers access to affordable bikes for term-long usage. Visit the Bike Centre website to see their services and hours.

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Blueprint: Blueprint is a group of students that seek to leverage technology for social good. They partner with non-profits to provide technology services free of charge, including organizations engaging with sustainability issues. Reach out if you're interested in applying your technology and coding skills to real-world problems.

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Campus Compost: Campus Compost is a student-run service launched in summer 2014 to recycle organic matter for use in local gardens. Compost bins throughout the Environment and Arts buildings collect organic matter, which gets sent to a tumbler and is reused as fertilizer! Visit their website to see current collection locations and how to help.

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Climate Students: As the student arm of the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, the Climate Students group is a forum for students who are passionate about scientific and governance matters related to climate change. They explore UW, local, and global issues surrounding climate change, and have previously travelled to international climate conferences.

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Enactus Waterloo: Enactus Waterloo is a local chapter of Enactus Canada, and is focused on improving the standard of living by ensuring people, planet, and profit are considered. One project involves construction of a plastics recycling facility in Tanzania to create employment opportunities and reduce waste.

Engineers Without Borders: Founded by 2 UWaterloo graduates, EWB has grown exponentially and counts people from all fields and walks of life. EWB's focus is on helping people and communities in the developing world gain access to the technologies they need to improve their lives.

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Geographers Without Borders: Geographers Without Borders is a group of graduate students who are looking to apply the technologies and theories of geography to an exciting number of applications. Whether it is community planning, sustainable transportation, or even honey bee planning, their innovative projects are a great way to get involved.

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Midnight Sun Solar Car: UWaterloo's Midnight Sun is a symbol of leadership in engineering and our dedication to green transportation and solutions to climate change. The Midnight Sun team is comprised of almost all undergraduates, who have built and raced 10 fully solar race cars.

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UW Campus Market Garden: UW Campus Market Garden (formerly St. Paul's Community Garden) is a group of students that operate various community gardens across campus. Plots are currently located at St. Paul's, on North Campus, and other locations. Student gardeners help grow fresh and nutritious food to sell to St. Paul's cafeteria and the campus community. Volunteer gardeners are always welcome.

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UW Energy NetworkThe University of Waterloo Energy Network is a group of students bound together by a shared belief in a sustainable approach to the Energy Industry. UWEN offers the chance for like-minded students to attend educational seminars, participate in exciting competitions and network with industry professionals.

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Society for Ecological Restoration - Waterloo Chapter: If you are interested in nature, ecology, and understanding or repairing natural ecosystems, check out the SER. The emerging Waterloo chapter is looking for exciting projects and people to join.

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Students of the Water Institute, Graduate SectionSWIGS is the student branch of the Water Institute, and seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration on water-related research. They host regular conferences and lecture series, and are open to any grad students who are interested in water.

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Sustainable Campus Initiative: SCI is a student-run initiative on campus that focuses on education, advocacy, and delivery of related services to bring about positive environmental behaviour change. Formerly known as the UW Sustainability Project, SCI is a Federation of Students service run by a team of passionate and talented student volunteers.

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UW Alternative Fuels Team: UWAFT began in 1996 in a humble garage in the physics building, when a group of engineering students linked their passion for designing, building, and designing cars with a strong environmental awareness. The group is now focused on design of EcoCAR 3, a vehicle that integrate environmental and performance.

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UW Plants Society: Plants Society offers opportunities to learn more about plants. Through events, lectures, and more, the group discusses facts, biology, and issues about the greenery that we usually take for granted. Contact the Plants Society to learn more.

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