Illuminate: Climate change simulation game

Illuminate logo in front of the world.

Can you solve climate change?

Give it a try in Illuminatean educational simulation game that aims to teach players about the impacts of climate change, explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and respond to climate risks.

Illuminate is also available on the Climate Educator’s Portal, an educational platform designed to empower teachers across Canada to educate their students about climate change. The Climate Educator’s Portal is presented by Protect our Winters (POW) Canada and Hot Planets Cool Athletes (HPCA).

The University of Waterloo Climate Institute, in partnership with the Games Institute and a multi-disciplinary team of students, staff and faculty from across campus, developed Illuminate. The collaborators designed Illuminate to help players understand the science, the risks, and (most importantly) the solutions to climate change.

Funding for the development of this game was provided by the Waterloo Climate Institute and the Games Institute.

Game Credits:

  • Designer and Programmer: Adam Leung
  • Artist and Narrator: Tina Chan
  • Producers: Simon Glauser and Natalie Heldsinger, Waterloo Climate Institute, University of Waterloo
  • Development Team: Pamela Maria Schmidt and Lillian A. Black, Games Institute, University of Waterloo
  • Scientific Advisory Committee from the University of Waterloo: Daniel Scott, Juan Moreno-Cruz, Merrin Macrae, Alexandra Lesnikowski, Andrea Minano

Publication: Illuminate: A Simulation Game to Instill Grounded Hope in Youth for Climate Action