Climate risks, resilience and adaptation

Dipanjan Basu

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dipanjan Basu is a geotechnical engineer with diverse interest in mechanics, mathematics, numerical methods, renewable energy, and sustainability. His current research focus is on geothermal energy, soil structure interaction, life cycle assessment, and pile foundations. 

Roberto Guglielmi

Assistant Professor

Roberto Guglielmi's research addresses problems in control and optimization of large-scale dynamics, described by ordinary or partial differential systems of evolution, with applications to the optimization of utility distribution over networks, heat transfer phenomena in the presence of crack and fractures, control of epidemics, reinforcement learning methods.

Dustin Garrick

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability; University Research Chair

Dustin Garrick has expertise in water and environmental governance with a focus on property rights, institutions and markets. He has twenty years of experience in environmental management with a focus on markets and governance innovations to address resource scarcity and sustainability challenges. 

Marta Berbés-Blázquez

Assistant Professor, School of Planning

Marta Berbés-Blázquez is part of the University of Waterloo's Future Cities, a highly transdisciplinary initiative to imagine and co-create resilient urban futures in Canada. She brings strength and interests in environmental justice, resilience thinking, participatory action research, and foresight methods. 

Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Associate Professor, English Language and Literature

Jennifer Clary-Lemon is interested in the areas of writing theory and pedagogy, material rhetorics, environmental rhetorics, methods and methodology, and rhetorics of location and place. Her current research examines infrastructural entanglements of humans and nonhumans as material rhetorical arguments, focusing on the Species at Risk Act and mandated recovery strategies for listed species.

Hannah Tait Neufeld

Assistant Professor, School of Public Health Sciences; Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph; Canada Research Chair

Hannah Tait Neufeld's research interests include Indigenous health and wellbeing, social and ecological determinants influencing maternal and child health, along with Indigenous food environments globally. 

James Craig

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Canada Research Chair

James Craig's research focuses on the development and application of improved methods for modeling surface water, groundwater, heat transport, discontinuous permafrost, and the surface water / groundwater interface.

Clarence Woudsma

Associate Professor, School of Planning

Clarence Woudsma's focuses are climate change policy, emissions forecasting, impacts of climate change adaptations on freight, regulatory policy, urban freight planning, freight and land use (accessibility), transportation demand management and deregulation of transportation provision.