100+ faculty members from across multiple institutions are involved in research projects and programs that are accelerating climate action around the world.

Tonya DelSontro

Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tonya DelSontro’s research focus is to advance our understanding of how human activities and climate change alter aquatic carbon cycles and greenhouse gas budgets. She integrates field-based system analyses and experimental laboratory work to define and predict anthropogenic impacts on freshwater systems’ greenhouse dynamics from local and regional to global scales.

Joyce Kim

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joyce Kim is primarily interested in studying human-building interactions and the role of technologies to augment occupant performance and building energy efficiency. Her research leverages IoT and data-driven analytics to predict human comfort and behaviour, personalize occupant experience in the built environment and enable intelligent building design and operation. Her research interests also include smart grid technologies and utility cost optimizations.

Dipanjan Basu

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dipanjan Basu is a geotechnical engineer with diverse interest in mechanics, mathematics, numerical methods, renewable energy, and sustainability. His current research focus is on geothermal energy, soil structure interaction, life cycle assessment, and pile foundations. 

Kyle Daun

Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Kyle Daun, an expert in radiative transfer and optical diagnostics, is helping the Canadian oil and gas sector deploy spectroscopic techniques for quantifying methane emissions. His work focuses on optical gas imaging using infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging.

Roberto Guglielmi

Assistant Professor

Roberto Guglielmi's research addresses problems in control and optimization of large-scale dynamics, described by ordinary or partial differential systems of evolution, with applications to the optimization of utility distribution over networks, heat transfer phenomena in the presence of crack and fractures, control of epidemics, reinforcement learning methods.

Alain-Désiré Nimubona

Associate Professor, Economics

Alain-Désiré Nimubona analyzes the equilibrium relationships between polluters and their abatement equipment suppliers, which constitutes the environmental industry or eco-industry. Using economic modelling, he studies the interplay between environmental and trade policies related to the eco-industry, as well as the market structure of this industry. More recently, his research interests have widened to include issues related to the adoption of abatement technologies under uncertainty and the use of green infrastructures as a solution to sustainable development. 

Laura Hug

Assistant Professor, Biology; Canada Research Chair

Laura Hug seeks to define microbial diversity and function at contaminated sites using culture-based and culture-independent methods, generating a blueprint of which species are there and which pathways are active. Her research expands our understanding of the tree of life, while simultaneously developing solutions to address the impacts of human activities on the environment.

Dustin Garrick

Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability; University Research Chair

Dustin Garrick has expertise in water and environmental governance with a focus on property rights, institutions and markets. He has twenty years of experience in environmental management with a focus on markets and governance innovations to address resource scarcity and sustainability challenges. 

Marta Berbés-Blázquez

Assistant Professor, School of Planning

Marta Berbés-Blázquez is part of the University of Waterloo's Future Cities, a highly transdisciplinary initiative to imagine and co-create resilient urban futures in Canada. She brings strength and interests in environmental justice, resilience thinking, participatory action research, and foresight methods.