100+ faculty members from across multiple institutions are involved in research projects and programs that are accelerating climate action around the world.

Alana Lund

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Alana Lund studies the mechanics and dynamics of civil structures, with a focus on vibration-based techniques for structural identification. Through her research program she strives to develop robust approaches to structural health monitoring that can achieve a holistic, regional assessment of structural condition. Her research interests include structural health monitoring, vibration-based identification, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian inference, information fusion, and vulnerability and risk assessment.

Solomon Tesfamariam

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; University Research Chair

Solomon Tesfamariam's research focuses on the sustainable design of tall-timber building, decision-making tools for infrastructure (asset) management and the management of civil infrastructure systems and risk-based aging infrastructure management (buried pipes, buildings, bridges, etc.).

Amr ElAlfy

Assistant Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development

Amr ElAlfy studies deep decarbonization strategies and sustainability transitions for corporations and municipalities. He also works on Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) frameworks by utilizing various modelling and observation techniques to better understand climate patterns and their impacts on the environment and society.

Peter Crank

Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Peter Crank's research seeks to address questions of modelling urban spaces to understand the impact urban climate mitigation strategies have on the thermal environment as well as on all facets of human health (from physical heat stress to psychological disorders). His research team uses physical and applied climatology skills, data analytics, computer science, and instrumentation to study the impacts of a changing climate on individuals and the local environment.

Quinn Lewis

Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Quinn Lewis' research broadly focuses on the process-form interactions of rivers, geomorphology, and water resources. Additionally, his research leverages state-of-the-art technology to improve our understanding of dynamic and interrelated physical processes and landforms.

Tony Wirjanto

Professor, Statistics and Actuarial Science and School of Accounting and Finance.

Tony Wirjanto's research focuses on the intersection between statistics and econometrics. This includes financial time series with a focus on volatility modeling/forecasting and financial risk management and financial mathematics with a focus on portfolio optimization in a high-dimensional setting and on global climate change risks.