About Us

CSCF (Computer Science Computing Facility) is a team of Information Technology (IT) specialists in the School of Computer Science, who work closely with the University of Waterloo Information Systems and Technology and the other faculty computing offices to provide IT support to the School of Computer Science.


  • Provide consultation on all aspects of computing to:
    • faculty;
    • staff;
    • undergraduate and graduate students;
    • postdocs, researchers and visitors.
  • Manage and secure workstations in the School of Computer Science including undergraduate student labs:
    • operating system and software distribution;
    • software maintenance and upgrades; and
    • hardware maintenance and upgrades.
  • Plan and implement the School's network:
    • server and workstation configuration.
  • Manage the School's computing environment:
    • Network storage;
    • general-purpose and teaching Linux servers; and
    • research servers.
  • Maintain the school's web server cluster.
  • Collaborate with other IT units on campus on shared projects.
  • All other items related to IT in the School of Computer Science.

Please feel free to contact us about any technical issues you are facing.