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Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF)

The Computer Science Computing Facility is the primary technology integrator and computing service provider for the School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Important Bulletins

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Information about major network outages which prevent access to this page can be heard by calling extension 31100.

Campus network alerts may also be of interest.

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Get Help

  • CSCF Points of Contact — The primary method for faculty, staff, and graduate students to contact CSCF.
  • CSCF Help Desk — When your Point of Contact isn't available.
  • MFCF Help Centre — The primary method for all students taking undergraduate CS courses to get help with computing.
  • CS Guides and Tutorials — Various guides and tutorials for CS faculty, staff, and graduate students.
  • After Hours — We don't provide after hours support, however there is a way to report urgent problems then.

Information for ...

Information about ...

  • Computing environments
    • General — The “general” computing environment intended to support basic computing for all faculty, staff, and graduate students.
    • Student — The “student” computing environment intended to support most computing for course work purposes.
    • Campus — The campus computing environment.
  • Support
    • Research — Specialized support provided for research projects.
    • Teaching — Support for course teaching activities.
  • Services — Information on configuring your system to use various SCS services.
  • CSCF — Information about CSCF itself.
  • Statistics and resource requests — Automatically generated summaries of data relating to CSCF, especially regarding resource usage and allocation