Following an extensive trial period, in the summer of 2019 CEL started migrating the content portion of online courses from LEARN to the Contensis Content Management System (CMS).

By employing a CMS solution, we hope to decrease your reliance on technical staff to maintain HTML course content (web pages), and empower you as an online course author/instructor to have a greater role in creating and maintaining professional-looking, interactive web content yourselves. This is something many online instructors ask for, and you may yourself have experienced the challenging scenario of trying to make changes to a custom CEL-built course using LEARN’s editing tools.

This short video will give you some insight into how easy it is to make content revisions in the CMS:

Other features of the CMS that might be of interest to you include:

  • version control
  • ability to track changes
  • improved web accessibility
  • better support for mobile devices

For additional help see the following resources: