Welcome to Contensis help

The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) uses the Contensis Content Management System (CMS) to enable the rapid creation of professional looking, interactive course content for fully online courses. Contensis is one of three main CEL course delivery platforms that are typically used in combination. Contensis does not replace LEARN, but rather sits alongside LEARN, housing the course content. Each online course continues to have a LEARN shell which contains all course-related tools such as discussion boards, quizzes, and gradebook. Students navigate between LEARN and Contensis to complete the course.

The CMS eliminates the need to use HTML and other specialized coding techniques to create or revise course content, resulting in content that can be more easily revised by course instructors.

From the student perspective, the course content is presented in a very similar way as it is in LEARN, so there is no appreciable difference for students. When students click on a content link in the LEARN course they are automatically redirected to the appropriate pages in the CMS.

CEL currently uses the Contensis CMS in over 120 courses.