Creating a page in the CMS requires only a few steps, and then you're ready to create content.

Creating a new page in a folder

To create a new page follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you would like to add the page (e.g., / lecture-content / module 1 / ) and click the folder to bring up the dropdown list. A drop-down list will appear.
  2. From the dropdown list, click 'New Content'. This will open up a dialog box.

new page menu

  1. On the right side, under 'Create Content in the CMS', click on 'Web Page'.

select web page in create content dialog

  1. This will take you to a screen with two options:
  • basic-media (The basic-media page is used primarily for pages with ONLY video or audio, with no text.)
  • basic-page (The basic-page is the preferred template for most uses. It will create a page with an h1 and a content section.)

create page dialog select basic page

  1. Once you have made your choice, it will open the page for editing.
  2. Fill out the following details before saving your page:
    • Heading
    • Title (page will not save if title has not been set - your  filename is automatically generated from this)
    • Filename (see Editing page properties below for more information)

To add this page to your live course, click 'Save' and then 'Workflow' and 'Submit & Approve'.

Copying a page

If, for example, you have setup the module-1 page to include the elements and organization you would like to use on every module landing page, you can make a copy of the page to use as a starting point for the next module.

  1. In your folder structure, click on the page that you would like to copy.
  2. Click 'Copy' from the dropdown menu.

folder drop-down menu with copy option

  1. In the dialog box, change the name of your page to reflect its contents (i.e., change 'module-1' to 'module-2')
  2. Click 'Save' to return to the editor.
  3. Click on the new page (copy) and click 'Edit' to open the page in the editor.
  4. To complete the copy process, proceed to the Editing page properties section below.

change the name of the page in the dialog box

Editing page properties

To complete the creation or copy of a page, both the 'File Name' and 'Menu Name' need to be updated.

  1. When your page is open in the editor, open the 'Properties' tab (see screenshot below).
  2. Under 'Publish Properties' you will see the 'File Name' and 'Menu Name'.
  3. Update the 'Menu Name' to match the title of the page. This will display the correct title for the page in the table of contents for your course.
    • File Name is the name of the file in the course structure. Use clear and concise naming (i.e., if your Title is '1a. Introduction', change your File Name to 1a-introduction). A few standards for file naming conventions can be found in the Tips and tricks section.
    • Menu Name should reflect the Title of your page (shown in red outline in Figure 6).
  4. Return to the 'Content' tab to continue editing your page.

edit details in the properties tab