Case study: HR, IST, Finance, and the Provost’s Office

Staff Hiring Process

Staff Hiring Process

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What work was completed?

Members from Human Resources, IST, Finance and the Provost’s Office came together to review the staff hiring process from start to finish. We reviewed each step of the process determining where there was duplication and making the decision as to which steps could be eliminated.

In reviewing the process, we found that there were multiple approvals, which caused the flow of paperwork to stop or be slowed down. We also found that numerous areas were keeping databases housing the same information, which meant each group was taking the time to record information. Again, this created a slow down or stop in the process.

What determined the focus in this particular area? We focused on this area due to the time it was taking to hire new or replacement staff. From the Provost’s perspective, it was important to review this process due to the number of forms that were coming over to the office for approval.
What were the overall results? The hiring process is much more efficient, positions don’t take as long to fill and, we have been able to cut down the number of forms that the Provost had to sign by 77%.
What did you learn (positives and challenges)? From the perspective of the Provost’s Office, we are receiving electronic approvals for positions that we know nothing about, which is a slight flaw in the process. When this occurs, it does slow the process of approval at our end of things. This is something that we are working on.

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