Case study: IST- Waterloo Works

Projects completed

Waterloo Works (Database Instance Migration) 

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What work was completed?

Waterloo Works - For most clients, Orbis provides a hosted (software as a service – SAAS) environment. As a result, it has limited tools or techniques available for clients who host to move configurations automatically through a typical SDLC (e.g., development, test, prod).  This effort involved developing a series of automated “scripts”, communication protocols with the vendor, request process for CECA for migrations and other processes.

What determined the focus in this particular area?

Waterloo Works - Time imperative and pressures during the development and implementation process for Works, number of testing cycles required to support various multiple scenarios, lower maturity at UW for SQL based instances (versus Oracle), low vendor maturity at Orbis in dealing with a very large client.

What were the overall results?

Waterloo Works - Prior to the exercise, the typical turnaround for the creation of a testing instance would be measured in days (typically 1-3). This figure would vary with the amount of new development included by the vendor and subsequent configuration by local staff. The new tools and process reduced this to normally less than a day. Provisioning also included enhanced release notes and information from the vendor, which provided a side benefit.

What did you learn (positives and challenges)?

Waterloo Works - Waterloo is known for its level of “diligence” and in expectations of vendors (this is commonly cited by vendors); there are opportunities to align our expectations with risk management approaches. Large improvements can often come from relatively small changes (though the analysis and prep work can take time and effort).

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