Case study: Optometry

Opt case study

Performance Indicators Details 
What work was completed?

HR and Housing supported Optometry in a customer journey mapping exercise to identify opportunities for optimizing patient experience, in order to increase the rate of Primary Care exams that result in optical sales (conversion rate) towards the industry standard of 50-60%. The desired improvement target for this conversion rate was identified as 15-25%.

A customer journey map was completed to visualize the patient journey through the primary care clinic and the optical from check-in to check-out, while capturing patient emotions and overall experience at different points along their visit.  A focus group involving patients and clinic personnel undertook the process of validating the journey map, patient emotions, and areas for improvement.

What determined the focus in this particular area?

Problem: The rate of Primary Care exams that result in optical sales (conversion rate) is lower than the industry standard.  Goal is to increase the conversion rate towards the industry standard of 50-60%.

Wastes identified: Waiting, Inventory, Motion

What were the overall results?

A completed customer journey map allowed the team to prioritize areas for improvement within the Primary Care clinic and the Optical, and to create action plans to address improvements suggested by patients and Clinic personnel.

What did you learn (positives and challenges)?

Identifying what patients are feeling at each step in their journey through the clinic - both positive and negative emotions, is key to targeting areas for improvement

Transition and patient flow between Primary Care exams and Optical Services should be strengthened.  Patients need to be better informed of their optical needs and options, with a view to increasing patient satisfaction and associated revenue from optical sales

Importance of building a personal connection at all phases of the patient journey and continuing to strengthen a customer service culture

Need to further develop and report on conversion metrics - to inform if process improvements made are tracking to increased revenue targets

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