Research stories in quantum information and nanotechnology

$2.7 million project funded by Department of National Defence will develop technology for quantum radar

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are developing a new technology that promises to help radar operators cut through heavy background noise and isolate objects including stealth aircraft and missiles with unparalleled accuracy.

The role of frequency-shifting in quantum scalability

Researchers at IQC have developed new methods for preventing leakage errors due to cavity modes, an important obstacle in building a scalable quantum computer.

Nanotechnology Engineering startup SannTeks cannabis detector smokes the competition

Researchers from Waterloo have launched a startup company called SannTek that is developing a nanotechnology-enabled sensor that can rapidly detect and quantify an individuals degree of marijuana intoxication.

Waterloo researcher finds faster way to test for heart failure

The first-of-its-kind finger-prick technology will monitor the risk of heart failure the same way diabetics do. Patients will simply jab their finger, rub the blood on a special strip, insert it into an electronic reader and obtain a reading within 20 minutes