Sondra's 2018 East Coast Adventures

Monday, January 7, 2019

Sondra Eger, a PhD Candidate in the Courtenay Lab, spent the summer of 2018 as a Huntsman Marine Science Center Research Fellow based in St. Andrews, NB where she completed data collection for her PhD thesis. Sondra’s research seeks to analyze previous and current integrated coastal and marine initiatives in the Bay of Fundy to better understand how they can be successfully implemented.

The view

Photo: A view from the St. Andrews, N.B. area.

While on the East Coast, Sondra presented at the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership 12th Science Workshop in Truro, Nova Scotia (May 9-12, 2018 (proceedings:; volunteered at the Coastal Community Conservation Network – Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods International Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia (May 28-30, 2018); and, participated at the OceanCanada Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia (August 27-30, 2018) where she sat on an HQP-led panel on Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge.

Simon, Sondra, Jamey

Photo: Simon Courtenay, Sondra Eger and Jamey Smith at the Huntsman Marine Science Center

This past year Sondra received an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and has recently published her Masters Work with the International Journal of World Ecology and Sustainable Development ‘Shared governance arrangements and social connectivity: advancing large- scale coastal and marine conservation initiatives in the Dominican Republic ‘. This fall Sondra completed ‘Board Governance Fundamentals’ Online Certificate from OnBoard Canada, ‘Introduction to Canadian Environmental Law’ from Canadian Rivers Institute and a two-day workshop on Facilitating Engagement by Delaney and Associates.

In March 2019, Sondra will visit the Flannery Research Group at Queen’s University Belfast as a James M. Flaherty Research Scholar ( to share lessons and collaborate on governing multiple activities within coastal and marine social-ecological systems. Sondra continues to be the chair of the Student Leadership Committee for the Canadian Rivers Institute, a director of the University of Waterloo Graduate Student Association, and has recently joined the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership Steering Committee.


Kayaking in the annual Musquash Paddle led by Conservation Council of New Brunswick


PADI Women's Dive Day with Cojo Diving in St. Andrews