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Welcome to the research group website of Professor Simon Courtenay in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS).

We are affiliated with the Water Institute here at the University of Waterloo, the Canadian Rivers Institute, and the Ocean Canada Partnership. Our students are engaged in multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinary research in the areas of biology, ecology, governance, ecotoxicology, monitoring and management within and relating to aquatic systems.

This website provides information on the people in our research group, current projects as well as ongoing collaborations.


Courtenay lab Alumni Jess Kidd, Kara Cox and Sondra Eger all have shiny new publications to share.

Jess’s MSc work examining the design of the citizen-science Community Aquatic Monitoring Program in Atlantic Canada has just been accepted by Fishes. This is a program Simon co-designed while he was with Fisheries and Oceans nearly two decades ago so he is very relieved that Jess’s analysis found the design sound! So is Marine Environmental Quality Program Coordinator Monica Boudreau (another Courtenay lab alumna), who still runs the CAMP program from the Gulf Fisheries Centre in Moncton NB.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Elaine’s PhD wraps up

Since 2021 began, Elaine has been wrapping up her dissertation and disseminating her results in a variety of ways. Her defense is now scheduled for July, and she is finalizing three manuscripts for publication, based on her dissertation chapters (with other manuscripts related to the work in the early stages).

Thursday May 27 at 7:00 pm Jess Kidd kicked off a new service for SERS students that she has been wanting to offer for a long time. The program’s goal is to provide SERS students with the opportunity to receive advice and support from their peers, and to gain insights from upper-year students and environmental practitioners. Sessions will cover an array of topics including co-op placement success, graduate school opportunities, securing entry-level jobs, and career options. Each session will include at least one guest speaker who will discuss their experiences, offer advice, and answer student questions.