Courtenay Lab Alumni

PhD Students

  • Elaine Ho, UW-SERS 2021. Co-supervised with Andrew Trant.
  • Sondra Eger, UW-SERS 2020.
  • Zacharie Sirabahenda, INRS 2019. Co-supervised with André St-Hilaire and Mike van den Heuvel.
    • Thesis: Caractérisation et estimation des concentrations de sédiments en suspension: cas des bassins versants agricoles de l’Île du Prince Édouard
  • Mike Coffin, UPEI 2019. Co-supervised with Mike van den Heuvel.
    • Thesis: Monitoring the impact of nutrient-induced hypoxia and its effect on the invertebrate community in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

Masters Students

  • Lilia Schoot Uiterkamp, MES-MRP 2021.
    • Thesis:Changes in Walleye (Sander vitreus) spawning in the Detroit River 2005-2018 as inferred from egg deposition mats.
  • Matt Cowley, MES-MRP 2019.
    • Thesis: Quantifying the value of nearshore coarse woody debris in the detection of Grass Carp and Bigheaded Carp surrogate species in the Great Lakes.
  • Nicole Stamnes, MES-MRP 2019.
    • Thesis: Understanding eelgrass (Zostera marina) recovery within eutrophic estuaries of Atlantic Canada.
  • Jesse Hitchcock, MSc UPEI 2018. Co-supervised with Mike van den Heuvel.
    • Thesis: Eelgrass (Zostera marina) responses to natural and anthropogenic gradients in estuaries of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada).
  • Kara Cox, MES 2018. Co-supervised with Derek Armitage.
  • Jess Kidd, MSc (Biol) 2017. Co-supervised with Mark Servos.
  • Ryan Power, MSc UNB-SJ 2015. Co-supervised with Kelly Munkittrick and David Methven.
    • Thesis: Investigation of sand shrimp (Crangon septemspinosa) as a sentinel species in the Saint John Harbour, Bay of Fundy, Canada.