Zoom: New workflow when joining a meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What is happening? Zoom, as part of their regular software update have introduced a new and slightly different workflow for users when they join a meeting.

What is the impact? Users who are running Zoom version 12.0.0 or higher may have seen the new workflow already. Those users who are running Zoom version 12.0.0. or earlier are still able to use the old join workflow. However, the new workflow will be enforced as of April 22, 2023, for all users. Users running older versions of Zoom will not be able to join meetings until they upgrade their Zoom client to the most recent version. Download the latest Zoom client from the Zoom website, https://zoom.us/download.

When is this happening? April 22, 2023.

Why is this happening? This change will bring several enhancements to the user experience including added interface features and improvements in the "Waiting room" interface and added customization.

Questions or concerns? Please contact helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca and include ‘Zoom’ in the subject line.