About Emergency Planning

Welcome to the Emergency Planning Office

The University of Waterloo has developed and implemented an Emergency Response Plan under Policy 60. The plan is based on the four principles of emergency management as established by Emergency Management Ontario. The four principles include mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The management of any identified emergency at the University shall be done according to the Incident Management System (IMS) incorporated within the plan. Pre-selected employees assigned to the Emergency Control Group have received IMS training to assist in managing an emergency and will have regular training exercises to ensure their preparedness for an actual emergency event. It is the methodology through which the University will mobilize its resources in the event of an emergency in order to return the University to a state of normalcy as quickly as possible.

It is impossible to predict the timing or severity of an emergency, but the University can greatly minimize losses through deliberate planning, preparing, and training. The integrated systems approach to emergency management helps ensure that University of Waterloo identifies opportunities to mitigate risk and prevent loss, as well as establish recovery and continuity strategies for all types of events. Engaging in an integrated and coordinated emergency management program provides the campus with a number of benefits, including: 

  • Reduced vulnerability and exposure to future crisis and disaster events.
  • Protection of life, property, essential services, and critical facilities.
  • Diminished post-disaster economic hardship for the campus community.
  • Reduced short-term and long-term recovery and reconstruction costs.
  • Quicker resumption of University functions, including education, research, and business systems.
  • Increased cooperation and communication within the community through planning, training, and exercises.

The Emergency Response Plan applies to all University campuses and locations. The plan should be considered during the planning phase for all large events occurring on University property or where the University is the primary sponsor of the event.