Welcome to the Emerging Radio Systems Group

Our mission

In the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Emerging Radio Systems Group (EmRG) is working to realize the next generation of hardware for ultra-broadband, hyper-connectivity.

We seek to enable the 6th generation (6G) of wireless communication through transformational research into semiconductor devices, high-performance circuits, and novel systems. 

Our mission is to make 6G a feasible and sustainable reality by reducing the physical size, cost, and energy inefficiency of wireless infrastructure while simultaneously improving their performance.      

Our unique approach

Using a multidisciplinaryapproach encompassing the device, circuit, and system levels of design, EmRG advances the science and technology of radiofrequency communication.

Our group works in close partnership with industry-leading multinationals to solve future challenges of Information and Communication Technology.

Under the leadership of Professor Boumaiza, our diverse group drives innovation by working with leading-edge research tools and instruments to deliver high-impact prototypes, patents, and publications.

Beyond EmRG, our people continue to advance technology by working as highly specialized engineers and designers in the industry.

What we do

If you are interested in physical-layer technology for wireless communications, visit our Research page to learn more about what we do.

Employment opportunities

Are you interested in working with us at EmRG? Visit our opportunities page to see current openings.