Prospective students and researchers

General recruitment procedure

Any students, scholars or researchers must be admitted or registered by the University of Waterloo prior to beginning their work with the Emerging Radio Systems Group (EmRG).

We prioritize candidates who demonstrate an interest in and an aptitude for the theoretical underpinnings and practical realization of advanced circuitry for wireless communication.

Please be advised that being admitted to Waterloo is a separate process from joining our group. If you have questions about the student admissions process, visit the undergraduate or graduate websites. If you have questions specifically about joining our group, send an email to Professor Slim Boumaiza:

  1. Include 'EmRG applicant: position' in the subject line, while replacing position with the category you are interested in (i.e., undergraduate, MASc, PhD, etc.)
  2. Include a brief statement of interest (maximum 100 words) about why you want to pursue research (or research training) at EmRG 
  3. Make sure that you read the expectations for the particular category that applies to you:
    1. undergraduate applicants
    2. graduate applicants
    3. postdoctoral applicants
    4. visiting scholars (coming soon) 

We strive to respond to all emails within a reasonable time-frame but cannot guarantee a response, due to the high volume of emails we receive from prospective candidates. 

Undergraduate applicants


EmRG typically appoints undergraduate students in the 4th (or final) year of their studies. Such students are likely to possess the foundational theory and laboratory experience needed to contribute in a research environment. 

Students may be appointed on a volunteer basis, (e.g., to work with on their capstone project, or to shadow and assist one of our personnel). They can also be appointed on a paid basis, assuming they are eligible for one or more of the following programs:

Appointments are usually limited to a single 4-month term, with the possibility for future renewal. 

If you wish to join our group as an undergraduate student, please email Professor Slim  Boumaiza and include the following items in your email:

  1. your up-to-date resume
  2. copy of your most recent transcript (official or unofficial)
  3. summary of past co-op evaluations (if applicable)
  4. indicate whether you are eligible for any of the payment programs described above

We encourage undergraduates to apply to us well in advance of their intended starting term, as several payment programs have specific deadlines set by the administering authority. 

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Graduate applicants


In order to join EmRG, graduate students must first be accepted into an MASc or PhD program with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Waterloo. The typical duration of MASc and PhD candidacy in our group is 2 and 4 years, respectively. Candidates may be eligible to receive some level of funding support, through one or more of graduate research studentships, assistantships, and awards.

Please note that there are requirements and deadlines specified by the ECE Department for admission into an MASc or PhD program.

If you are considering pursuing an MASc or PhD specifically with our group, we may ask for additional information (such as samples of your research papers, theses, or other works) or request an interview with you as part of our selection process, which is separate from the university admissions process.

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Postdoctoral applicants


Postdoctoral fellows are typically hired by EmRG for one year initial contracts, with the possibility for future extension. They are paid through research funds provided by sponsors and industrial partners, and must therefore work to advance the goals of specific research projects.

Responsibilities of a postdoctoral fellowship are substantially different from those of graduate studentship. PDFs should be willing (and able) to:

  • propose, pursue, and carry out research plans with minimal supervision
  • exhibit a high degree of professionalism and accountability with regards to research work
  • engage and collaborate with graduate students and guide or support their research efforts, as needed

Postdoctoral positions are advertised on our Opportunities page, along with specific instructions for applying. Applications will only be considered when a call for applicants is in effect. 

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