By studying semiconductor devices, high-performance circuits, and innovative systems, the Emerging Radio Systems Group (EmRG) is:

  • Enabling broadband communication by designing linear and efficient multi-band and wide-band power amplifiers based on GaN technology
  • Improving the energy and spectral efficiencies of wireless links by developing novel amplification and linearization schemes for challenging transmission scenarios
  • Optimizing radiofrequency hardware design and minimizing costly design iterations by advancing the science of nonlinear circuit modeling and measurements
  • Supporting standards interoperability and reducing future network migration costs by devising re-configurable power amplifiers for multi-standard transmitters

Building on our repertoire of 4th Generation (4G) discoveries and innovations in the areas above, we have initiated new projects and are seeking passionate candidates to help us solve research challenges of the upcoming 5th Generation (5G).

Cutting-edge test and measurement equipment in the EmRG laboratory allow our people to take ideas from concept to reality with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Our collaborative, industry-geared approach to research provides unique opportunities for training highly qualified personnel.

Did you know?

If your smartphone reception shows "LTE+" or "LTE-A", then you are using true 4th Generation (4G) communication, which uses carrier aggregation to enable fast data-rates.

Our group's patented outcomes improve the feasibility and energy sustainability of carrier aggregation for commercial LTE-A infrastructure.